AP Literature

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to teach students reading and writing skills required in Freshman Composition and Introduction to Literature courses in college.  With an emphasis on close reading and literary analysis, students will learn to engage deeply with a text and write what they know and learn in detail.

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Calendar of Upcoming Due Dates

Summer Homework

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Summer Homework Assignment


As the title of the course implies, the focus of the course is on imaginative literature, in other words fiction and poetry.  As a class we will read several short stories, novels, and poems.

Works Studied: The Old Man and the Sea, In the Time of Butterflies, The Stranger, Hamlet, The Heart of Darkness, several short stories, and various styles of poetry.


In addition to literature, the course will also focus on the literary analysis essay.  Through a series of short, medium, and long compositions, students will illuminate texts as artifacts of the human experience with messages to be shared across time and space.

As the name implies, there is a large writing component to the course and students are expected to write nearly everyday in class as well as at home as they interact with texts.  While much of this writing is informal, it does build toward the formal writing given throughout each semester.

The majority of formal writing will occur as AP style timed essays in preparation for the AP Exam in May.  Students can expect to write timed essays for each novel studied, as well as two timed essays per month of released AP Prose and Poetry prompts.

Writing, both informal and formal, will be assessed using the AP Rubric.

The AP Literature and Composition Test — MAY 6th, 2020

All students enrolled in AP Literature and Composition are expected to take the AP test.  The cost of the exam may be reduced based on household income (as indicated by Free or Reduced Lunch status).  Forms must be filled out in order to receive this reduction.