Google Apps Information

DPS Google Apps for Education Accounts

For many of your assignments, you will need to use Google’s suite of Apps for Education. Denver Public Schools utilizes Google’s suite as they ensure your privacy and protect personal information as required by the Federal law.

While I understand that some students may not have Internet access at home, all online assignments will be given several days to complete.  If you know you will have issues, plan ahead to come in at lunch or before/after school to use one of the classroom laptops, the Shield Center, or the school library.

Google Apps for Education work best when viewed in a Chrome Browser.  If you do not have Chrome, please download it here.

The information below will guide you through activating your Gmail account and accessing Google Drive and Google Classroom.  I would HIGHLY suggest bookmarking the links in each section for ease of access during the year.

DPS Gmail Accounts         Google Classroom         Google Drive         Google Mobile Apps

DPS Gmail Accounts

The simplest way to access your gmail account is through the following url:

  • Once there, you will be prompted to enter your DPS Student ID Number and your password.
  • This is the same login you use to access Infinite Campus.
  • Passwords are defaulted to your birthday (mmddyyyy).
  • Once logged in, you have access to your Gmail Account which functions as any other Gmail Account.

Signing into your DPS Gmail Account is the first step to accessing any of the other Google Applications.

Check your email frequently!  Classroom updates and announcements will be delivered straight to your inbox.

Google Classroom

Classroom is Google’s learning management tool, meaning that it allows for simple digital distribution and collection of announcements and assignments.  We will be using Classroom for most homework assignments, many group projects, and all formal performance assessments.

Classroom is a private space which can only be accessed while you are signed into your DPS Gmail Account.

While only students can access the Classroom, parents/guardians can opt to receive daily or weekly emails from Classroom with student progress, assignment due dates, and other class questions and discussions.  To opt in, please send me an email with your request.

Once signed in, open a second window and access the following URL:

  • Each of my classes will have a different access code to join the class.  Please refer to your printed syllabus for your code.

Google Drive

All your files accessible from anywhere!

  • Your DPS Gmail Account gives you access to Google Drive, online file storage (i.e. cloud-based)
  • Access drive at:
  • All of your digital work for English class will be stored on the Drive so that it is easily accessible to you from home, school, or mobile device.
    • The Drive will store any type of file, although using Google Docs is recommended
  • Google Classroom is really a simple way to manage sharing documents through your Google Drive Account.
    • When you join my classroom, a file folder will automatically be created for your assignments.
    • This folder will serve as your digital portfolio

Google Apps for Mobile Devices

Love using your mobile device to stay connected and organized? All of the above applications are available for download onto both iOS and Android platforms.   Check them out!