Main Class Homepage

Welcome to my class website!  I am excited to work with everyone this year as we explore literature and composition together.

This website serves as a catch all for information regarding classroom policies and procedures as well as resources to help with your learning.

Please note, we will be using Google Classroom for receiving and turning in assignments.  If you are absent, please see Classroom for class resources, homework and other missed assignments.

Being successful in English class is really a matter of being prepared, attentive, and collaborative, knowing the class policies and procedures, and turning in work showcasing your knowledge and understanding in a professional format.  If you stick to these basic guidelines, I hope you will find our year together challenging, yet stimulating as we explore the wide world of English language arts.

Making the Grade

Make Up Work / Late Policy

All homework, projects, written work, and tests are assigned a point value and placed in either the Process or Product category. The end of each semester will also have a Final Exam. Each category is calculated at a different weight which then combine for a final grade in the course.

  • Process — assignments where students are learning new material or guided practice toward mastery of a standard (Eng2H = 20%; APLit = 15%)
  • Product — assignments where students show mastery of a unit big ideas or standards. (Eng2H = 70%, APLit = 75%)
  • Final Exam — Semester Final Exam (10%)
  • Late work will be accepted one day after the due date for a MAXIMUM of 75% of the total possible points, or 50% if the assignment is turned in more than one day late with the exception of EXCUSED ABSENCES, IEPs, and 504s.
  • However, if you make a reasonable attempt to complete the assignment with help, you may earn a maximum of 90% on the late assignment. A “reasonable effort” includes things like, attending office hours, going to tutoring or making an appointment for help with me.
  • If a student has an excused absence, then it is the student’s responsibility to get any missing assignments and turn them in within the time allotted by school policy (2 days per excused absence).

Plagiarism / Cheating

Need help? Use your resources …

Unless specifically instructed to work in groups or pairs, work is to be done individually. Work that is copied from another student or source is considered plagiarized and students will receive no credit, and possibly a referral for disciplinary action. This includes copying work from other classes.

Please see the student handbook for more specific information.

Check out these great resources to help you avoid plagiarism.

If you find yourself stuck with an assignment or question, use the resources at your disposal.


  • Ask clarifying questions of your classmates
  • Reach out to me via email or through Google Classroom
  • Use the resources on this website and Google Classroom
  • Responsibly use the Internet


  • Wait until the last minute (i.e. 2:00 AM) to reach out
  • Copy and paste information from a website and try to play it off as your own
  • Copy from a classmate